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Every year, more than 41,000 Californians die because they smoked. With smoking initiation rates on the decline in the state, focusing resources and efforts on helping current smokers quit is the next frontier for reducing the number of smoking-attributable deaths in California.

Use of cessation services, including medications and counseling, have been shown to as much as double or triple smokers' chances of successfully quitting. Approximately 17 percent of California adults smoke, representing more than four million. At the same time, 75 percent of all smokers indicate they would like to quit, and over 60 percent attempt to quit each year.

In a November 2003 poll of Californians with health insurance, 71 percent agreed that health insurance companies should include treatments for quitting smoking as part of standard coverage. Additionally, 61 percent agreed that smoking costs society so much that it’s worth it to pay a little more for health insurance to cover medicine and treatment.

Coverage for comprehensive services to stop smoking varies widely among the state's health plans. Providing standard coverage across all health plans would alleviate the financial burden of treating long term tobacco-related diseases and illnesses. As of 1999, direct medical costs related to smoking in California were more than $8.6 billion. Research has shown that smokingrelated medical costs account for six to twelve percent of all health care expenditures. An industry-wide effort to cover services would provide consistent access to smokers who change health plans, as well as lessen health plan concerns about adverse risk selection.

By mobilizing support from consumers, health care providers and employers, the Smoking Cessation Benefits Everyone campaign will demonstrate that market demand for cessation coverage exists. In March, the campaign will launch an employer-focused strategy to capitalize on the role of businesses in cessation benefits design and implementation.

Results from the November poll indicated that 72 percent of Californians agree that employers should offer health insurance to their employees that covers cessation benefits.

What Smoking Does to the Unborn Child

Most pregnant mothers probably realize that smoking during pregnancy is putting their unborn child at risk. However, the complete extent of that risk is probably unknown. There are so many possible risks and negative consequences for the baby whose mother smoked while she was pregnant. The fetus can even suffer negative effects if you inhale second hand smoke. So, expectant mothers are not just protecting themselves but also the baby that they’re carrying. Even if you don’t have support at home, there are support systems available and many safe methods for quitting. Your child can suffer from the following effects if you smoke while pregnant.


The best way to quit if you are pregnant and smoke is to see either your family doctor or your prenatal doctor. You can quit smoking using various methods, approaches, and products. You may still be getting nicotine from some of these quitting aids, however. If you wear a nicotine replacement patch, for example, the nicotine that enters your bloodstream will still be absorbed by your baby. The nicotine in these patches is still a threat to your child’s health even if it is better than inhaling the hundreds of carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes. It is still highly recommended to speak with your doctor about the best course of action for you.

Birth defects ranging from cleft palate or cleft lip or both can be caused by smoking while pregnant.

Because the mother choose to smoke while pregnant she is taking the chance of her baby being born with a birth defect. Specifically, a cleft in any tissue is a result of incomplete closing during development or growth before birth. You child could be negatively impacted by social stigma and various speech problems.

There’s little argument about whether smoking causes harm just how much it actually does.  It’s worth doing a bit of research as they’re lots of information online,  if you get blocked anywhere just use an IP anonymizer such as this.

Parents naturally want their child to do well in life and to excel in all areas, including academically. One of the consequences of smoking before the baby is born has to do with negative effects on the baby’s brain. If the mother smokes, her baby won’t receive sufficient amounts of oxygen. The exact effects your child will suffer later in life are difficult to determine. A wide range of learning problems in children have been linked to smoking during pregnancy.

Smoking during pregnancy has serious effects that could potentially be fatal to your unborn child. The reality of it is that when you smoke while pregnant you are compromising the health of your baby. Very many of the body’s organs and processes will be negatively affected, and there is evidence supporting that your child’s future behavior may be adversely affected, as well.

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Some Simple Stop Smoking Strategies

It’s possible for you to stop smoking using the advice that is best and be smoke free. Each time I ‘d quit smoking it requires lots of work. Therefore, in quitting the smoking in the event you are not successful, you can even scale back on how many you’ve. There’s undoubtedly on the loved ones in your lifetime and the advantages yourself. Seek advice from your health suppliers for workshops in being smoke free for additional assist. Together with the proper strategy the cravings will probably not be difficult to get. Don’t fall to the snare that to stop smoking is overly difficult to do.

The most recent time that I quit support groups. It would be the final time for me personally. Personalized support and daily can go quite a distance. It could be one hell of a ride that is mental . Quit smoking support groups help with guidance and suggestions to head off that which you’ll be facing. You’ll find nothing revolutionary relating to this, all of US go thur the same removes.


Arm yourself with all the advice of why you smoke and comprehend the effects it’s on you. Plan it out in advance alter your conduct and enjoy tend not to hang out with your smoking coworkers and pals. As it’s treat the tobacco just like a dependency issue. In the event you wish to stop smoking confront these challenges.

To stop cold turkey is among the most famous solutions to give up the earliest one as well as smoking additionally. Cold turkey means to give up smoking with no stop smoking aids with no planning or forethought or strategy.   It does work but not for everyone, it’s important to keep focussed though and not rely on merely hoping you’ll stay strong.  Rewarding yourself with regular treats is effective, I promised myself a cheap US IP address if I managed a week so I could listen to Pandora from home – this is the one I used –

Even in the event that you don’t give in and have a smoke, slip up and begin smoking again, just proceed along with your attempts. Don’t consider your past failures only keep trying and you’ll triumph.

To quitting smoking thur creating a promise to do this, I worked up. Telling my self I ‘d not be comfortable to get several days in the beginning. Family and your friends can assist in keeping you on course by means of your will power.

More help are coming on the marketplace everyday that don’t include it, although most quit smoking help include nicotine as an ingredient. Some drugs the physician may use on you happen to be chantix bupropion and fluoxetine. Fluoxetine is for those who might be prone to melancholy. Chantix may be for stopping smoking, Pfizer marvelous drug. Always check with a physician first before beginning any drugs.

These symptoms ease up in the next week and is likely to function as the most powerful in the very first week as well as in the very first 48 hours. Recall it will go away and is temporary. In case you recognize this it will not be difficult to learn what going on in the body and when it’s going to go away.

In the event you want an incentive to give up smoking think if you’re not purchasing smokes about how much cash your can save in annually. Following a year purchase your self something specific. One other motivator could be no negative attitudes in the nonsmokers on the job. As you Won’t be smoking, you’ll not have to stand 15 feet from the doorway of a structure. No antismoking law to handle, make most of the laws they desire, increase taxes on the cigs. If they’d outlaw smokes I’ve consistently said, it’d set all of the drug dealers unemployed.

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The Teenagers Smoking Problems

In some ways it’s not surprising that teenagers would be the problem group when it comes to tackling smoking.   By their very nature, they tend to challenge authority and  make choices that others won’t.  The problem is that teenage smokers very quickly become adult smokers and it’s only then they realise how difficult it is to stop.


There are far more anti smoking measures being taken now than in the past, yet some teens disregard the things they have been told and start to smoke anyhow. This may be because of the reality that, despite our efforts that are great, these kids are not being completely knowledgeable regarding the real risks of smoking. As soon as they start smoking adolescents are in danger for very serious health issues. Smoking also can cause other bad habits leading to things like drinking and drug use. Parents do possess the ability to introduce their kids to the risks of smoking and are the greatest sway. There are several other factors that are environmental however, that allow it to be okay and simple for teens to smoke. With combined efforts from adults, adolescents may have the ability to get the instruction that is required and also make your choice not to smoke.

Despite all the anti-smoking plans every year budgeted into our schools, about 3000 youths a day pick up the practice of smoking.

Smoking has become taboo in our society than in the past together with smokes on television, the removal of cigarette advertisements, and smoking in public spaces.  Take a look at the British Television where advertising is very heavily regulated you won’t see any adverts for cigarettes or even shows depicting smoking – check this if you need a proxy to watch from abroad. Some teenagers still can not help but wonder what the huge fuss about smoking is.

By teaching themselves with a couple of teen smoking facts, teens are going to have better chance at staying from cigarettes and leading a healthy and long life. Smoking may have serious effects on people’s bodies and they may be much more susceptible to these dangerous effects, because teenagers continue to be in a phase of growth. There are far more than 400 compounds in much more than 40 of them and cigarette smoke, are known carcinogens.

Teen smokers have smaller lungs and hearts that are weaker than those adolescents who do not smoke. Adolescent smokers may also be more prone to becoming sick than non smoking adolescents. Teens generally do not understand that nicotine addiction becomes more strong over time. What starts out as a custom of smoking 5-10 cigs a day, could raise to some 2 pack issue.

A study reveals that people who smoke a pack of day perish on average than those who’ve never smoked. Teens who partake in smoking will also be a lot more inclined to experiment with other substances and alcohol which may cause serious troubles of their very own. Adolescents who smoke are traveling down a road that is very dangerous, and most do not understand that once they start their journeys, they’ll most probably never cease.

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Will Washington Raise Smoking Age to 21?

“Most of teens get their smokes from some other teens,” Ferguson said. “In case you make it harder to reach those smokes, you will allow it to be harder to allow them to get it also.”

People who wish to purchase booze in Washington state must be 21 years old. People who wish to purchase cannabis additionally must be 21 years old. Smokers may shortly need to hold back till they are 21 years old to purchase cigarettes and vapor goods, in the event the bill (HB 1458) passes.

“That makes sense for the smoking age as well as the drinking age to function as the same, but I do not actually understand enough about how it’d impact the market and rules in place and things,” said Kayla Altman, 20.


“We are seeing a heightened utilization of cigarettes, particularly vapor goods, and this can be very dangerous to youth. This can be an extremely addictive drug,” said Rep. Tina Orwall, the bill’s patron.

“Thatis recommended. I believe it should likely go higher. I mean it is better for well-being,” said Jermaine Carter, 26.

The initial committee to the hear the bill, medical Care and Wellness Committee and it, passed by an overwhelming 12-3 vote.

“And to be absolutely honest with you, I did not understand how that vote was going to go,” said Ferguson.

However there is plenty of doubt of whether such an increase will actually prove to be effective.  Many studies have suggested that banning something to this age group actually makes it more attractive.  There has been lots of research which you can access over the web which suggests this is the case, if you need access to some of these sites which are restricted to specific countries, I can recommend this internet vpn system here.

I do not understand that it is all the powerful with booze,” said Alex Gouirand of Olympia.

“It is not going to actually stop anything. I believe it is likely only going to allow it to be worse, folks underage smoking,” said Marissa Dewitte, 18.

Washington would become the very first state to improve the smoking age to 21 if passed.

Ferguson said there are several cities which have the 21-year old condition. New York City has found a 50% fall in youth smoking.

“The studies also reveal in the event you are not smoking from the time you are 21, there is just a 5% chance you will ever begin smoking as an adult,” said Ferguson.

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Reward Your Non-Smoking Success

You may have heard people go on about all the money they’ve saved now that they’re not smoking.  It’s normally combined with some sort of guilt trip aimed at the smoker, you know the score – waste of money etc.  Now as a direct incentive to give up smoking, I don’t think money is every going to be the sole driver although it probably depends on the cost of tobacco where you live!   The reality is that people suffering from addictions rarely stop purely for financial reasons, however surprising that sounds.

There’s no doubt though that for many, cost is one of the contributory factors in stopping.  It also represents a very real benefit to those who are in the process of stopping smoking. Now this might sound a little confusing but the reality is that you can use the money that you save during your quit to help you succeed.

It’s easy to get started, simply on the first day of your quit, start putting away your normal amount for cigarettes.   Just put it in a jar or a bottle or whatever you want, then watch it grow – you’ll be surprised to how quickly the amount grows.  In the UK with the very high cost of cigarettes, then the sum will grow very quickly indeed, you’ll probably be amazed how much it grows.   But the trick is not to just leave it there, and saving for a new car is not going to help in the short term – the best advice is to use the money to reward yourself with regular treats the longer you stay quit.

Remember the money is not the important thing in the short term, it’s all about becoming a non-smoker.  Any treat or reward that you earn, is money well spent – keep on reinforcing the positive aspects of giving up smoking.  Maybe a night out, a trip to a restaurant or perhaps a few movies or cable subscriptions.  For me , one of my first purchases was a subscription to a VPN service which enabled me to watch the nature shows on the BBC I used to love when I lived in the UK.  Unfortunately you can’t watch them online from other countries – so I used this service, which worked great for me from the USA.

The trick is to buy something that you enjoy, that will reinforce the positive aspects of your smoking quit.

John Hapson writes on a variety of online and offline magazines and blogs.

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The Smoking Distraction

There’s no doubt about it, one of the biggest challenges about giving smoking is simply keeping your mind off it. At the start of a ‘quit’ it can consume your every waking thought, cigarettes become the focus and it’s difficult to concentrate on anything else.

That’s obviously going to make quitting much more difficult and it’s really one of the main reasons that people have such problems trying to quit. Cigarettes become something much more important than they really are. Once you’ve quit, they’re completely inconsequential but to a smoker they’re right at the very core of every waking minute.

It sounds difficult to comprehend, but a smoker will often view every situation with regards the potential to smoke. At the office, in a meeting, even a romantic meal or a date – how can you fit cigarettes into the situation. The office, the restaurant and the pub are now probably non-smoking – so every professional or social situation is more difficult for a smoker who has to fit in a quick escape every hour or so.

This is the way to view smoking, not how it makes life easier (cos it doesn’t) but how it makes life more complicated. For someone giving up, this is the time to embrace how much simpler life becomes when you’re not a drug addict who needs to escape periodically to get a fix. Imagine you can enjoy a meal, or a conversation with out rushing off into the cold outside. You can watch a film without enforced breaks, relax at the cinema without chewing your nails for the last thirty minutes.

It doesn’t stop there, watch people spill out of an airplane or rail carriage desperate for a smoke – what have they been thinking of for the last part of their journey? It’s been an enforced cold turkey session, something that a smoker will experience lots of times a day, every day for the rest of their smoking life. For the non-smoker these stressful situations simply don’t exist.

So don’t worry about pining for a smoke when you’re giving up, it fades, the feeling will eventually disappear if you stay off the smokes. If you carry on you’ll suffer the cravings and withdrawals every day of your life to some extent. Enjoy life, save up your money for little treats along the way – nothing enormous just something fun. The first week I gave up I spent the money I saved on a Netflix account for the family. Week two and I bought a neat little application like this which let me watch the current season of Dr Who from outside the UK.

We all know the benefits hugely outweigh the drawbacks in giving up smoking, in fact they’re aren’t really any bad things about giving up smoking. So embrace the experience, revel in your giving up  and enjoy the rest of yoru life smoke free – it’s a wonderful thing believe me.

Harry Palmer

Ex-Smoker (15 Years) and Author of This Website

FDA Target For Electronic Cigarette Standards

Mitchell Zeller, director of the FDA’s Centre for Tobacco Products, said the bureau is investigating possible merchandise standards in the areas of toxicity, dependence and merchandise attractiveness as it prepares to obtain regulatory authority over electronic cigarettes and other nicotine-delivery devices these include the electronic cigarettes reviewed on

They comprise putting in place regulations for approving new products and tracking them after they reach the marketplace, ensuring the bureau has in place a powerful conformity and law enforcement existence in every state, public instruction and the conceptualization of an FDA-extensive nicotine policy that understands some products are less hazardous than others.

Merchandise standards are being formulated by the bureau at a time when dangers and the advantages of cigarette stay the topic of extreme discussion.

It is not the nicotine that kills half of all long term smokers, it’s the delivery mechanism,

– he said at a lunch in Washington, D.C. formed by the American Legacy Foundation, an anti-tobacco group.

We must understand a few of these realities and determine how they are able to affect regulatory policy.

The 2009 Tobacco Control Act grants the FDA authority, provided that it’s scientific evidence to support the policy, though the bureau should issue a fresh rule to act on its power to prohibit or limit ingredients and compounds in specific merchandise.

In April the FDA proposed rules that subject the $2 billion business to national regulation for the very first time and would prohibit the sale of cigarette to individuals under the age of 18. The proposition wouldn’t limit marketing or flavored products, on-line sales, unsatisfactory public health promoters who claim people bring kids.

Zeller said that while it’s never a great thing for a youthful man to inhale nicotine, additional research is needed to evaluate the net impact of cigarette on the general well-being of the people and that it’s significant to have “an open mind” about the possible advantages of emerging technologies.

Zeller said he couldn’t estimate the length of time the FDA will take to invent a proposition, although it is, in addition, considering controlling menthol. 176,000 opinions were received by the bureau on the issue from the people.

“We’re seriously considering all the opinions as we consider our regulatory alternatives,” Zeller said. “We can just go as far as the science will require us.”

Tom Hastings
USA Federation

Why Women Don’t Go For Smokers Anymore

Latest studies indicate that girls are more attracted to guys with a high immune system. Research also demonstrates anxiety hormone, and the facial attractiveness of guys is related to the testosterone. Therefore, if you are trying to find a partner, you might need to quit and give up smoking. Not just that cigarette smoking is one of the important reasons for tension, it’s also among the leading reasons for mortality in guys. This post will attempt to discuss the reasons why girls are more likely not to pick a partner.

1. Women hate that stinky odor.

Smokers have a distinctive metallic odor in comparison with nonsmokers. Not just that! Mouthwash and perfume cannot conceal the stinky odor of tobacco smoking. Surveys even revealed that stinky smell and bad breath is among the top turnoffs in guys.

2. It Makes Men look bad.

Many people say you can readily see a smoker at the center of the bunch. Smokers generally have skin that is drier and duller; have more wrinkles and white hairs. Girls are more attracted to men that are good looking and healthy, a study indicates. Smokers do not seem healthy or great.  Many years ago people used to think of smokers as the rugged and handsome cowboy, the Marlboro Man especially in American TV, that image is a long way from reality now especially as lung cancer took his life.

3. Smokers do not survive in bed.

Look men, the standard blood circulation within your body changes. Some studies indicate that sexual gratification in women is crucial in keeping them satisfied in a relationship.  The more you smoke the less likely you’ll last in bed, save that energy and breath for something more fun.

4. Limits Life Span 

Fatal disorders can be caused by tobacco smoking. The briefer you life becomes, the more you smoke your cigarettes. Girls are currently becoming shrewder when wedding. They’d preferably have a vocation than wed. Girls would favor guys who are not unstable in well-being and in riches.

5. Smokers spend lots on smoking.

Smoke smoking is quite expensive. This sum could have been spent in health care, and some other favorable investment like education.  Think of all the cool gadgets you could buy for example, smart phones, tablets – it wouldn’t take long to pay for something like an iPad and a UK VPN to watch the football – see this.  Beside from the health hazards related to smoking, it’s now become common for couples to divorce due to the other spouse’s smoking habit. Generally wives who can not bear their husbands’ smoking habit would file a divorce.

Keep Yourself Busy While You Quit Smoking

As I look around today, I find that I’m living in a world that is much different than the one I grew up in.  When I was growing up, at least half of the adults I had regular contact with were smokers.  Standing in a room filled with stale smoke was the norm.  Is it any wonder that I grew up to be a smoker myself?


The problem is that today’s world does not accept smokers at all.  We are cast out to stand alone in places where our foul odors won’t offend.  I’ve had enough of this, so I’ve made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle.  The problem is, I now have a lot of time to fill that used to be spent smoking.  This might seem like a silly thing to some people.  Most people whine that they don’t have enough time in the day.  Smokers have spent years building their lives around a series of five minute breaks that often add up to at least an extra hour each day.  The challenge is to fill that newly freed up time with something constructive instead of another harmful habit.


Most people can’t get too excited about filling that time with an extra hour of work.  I know that I certainly don’t like the idea of trading my former relaxation time for more drudgery.  The trick seems to be finding interesting things to do by yourself.  So far, I’ve come up with a few simple distractions that help me to get through my cravings.


One of the best distractions I’ve found is drawing.  Ever since I was young I’ve enjoyed doodling, and now I’ve decided to try my hand at actually drawing recognizable sketches.  I bought myself a book about pencil sketching and I keep a sketch pad within reach at all times.  This actually works really well except for the fact that once I start, I want to keep drawing for longer than a smoke break would have lasted.  My right brain kicks in and time starts to fly.  This is fine when I’m at home, but it doesn’t work too well when I’m actually at my paying job.


A second helpful “habit” I’m trying to cultivate is socializing with people.  That probably sounds silly, but I’ve never been one for small talk.  Now when I get the urge for a smoke I try to engage someone who happens to be nearby in conversation.  The trick here is to ask them about their life.  They’ll usually talk for at least five minutes until my urge to light up passes.


These aren’t perfect solutions.  You’ll have to decide what you enjoy enough to get you through the tough times.  The key is making it distracting enough so that you aren’t sitting there just dreaming of how good it would feel to light up.  I keep reminding myself that millions of people have managed to quit.  I have a stubborn streak that doesn’t like failing at something others have done successfully.  Think about what motivates you and try to shift your focus to things you enjoy.  Eventually, you’ll replace your old habit with something much less harmful that you actually enjoy.

Those Empty Bars

The smoking ban in the UK has in terms of health improvement almost certainly been a resounding success.  It encouraged people like me, smokers who just wanted to quit, that little bit more incentive to take that step.  Smoking used to be fun, even when you had to stand outside your office – it was still fun because all the interesting people were standing out with you. However when it started to happen every where the novelty started to wear off.

Like many smokers I had experiences of leaving a fun evening in a bar, desperate to grap a quick smoke.  Sure I could go back in five minutes but I’d often missed the joke, or the punch line and felt like an outsider joining in again. My times in restaurants were even worse, did I enjoy or savour my food?  Not really, because I was usually desperate for a smoke and when I could nip outside for one.

Is it a good and fair way to make people give up?  Well probably not  that fair but the end probably justifies the methods.  I got fed up of standing outside, being alienated and looked down upon because I smoked and I stopped. Ultimately my only loss is a life shortening addiction, so it’s hard to muster up the energy to feel very persecuted.

There is a sadness and a regret though, seeing a loss of something that was once an integral part of British life – the pub. Now the pub was already on a downward trail due to drink drive laws, cheap supermarket booze and basically the fact that everyone was rather skint.  Yet the last nail in the coffin certainly looked like it was caused by the smoking ban.  For me a smoker, bars lost their appeal, slouching at the bar with a smoke was part of the experience.  If I didn’t smoke, then sitting at home on the sofa with a can of beer seemed the better alternative.

There have been numerous surveys investigating the decline in the pub culture of the United Kingdom but in truth the reasons are all around us.  Technology has a lot to blame, there are a myriad of entertainment options now compared to the limited number from a couple of decades ago.  A chat in the pub, perhaps is not quite as appealing to many as relaxing in front of a 50 inch plasma drinking a fantastic red wine costing less than a couple of pints of mild, watching the latest blockbuster from Hollywood.   It’s not just in the UK, on a recent trip to the USA I found many of my expat friends rarely went to the bars there either preferring to relax at home with their laptops running this application – watch BBC iPlayer in the USA and holding parties and get togethers at home,

Ultimately, it’s a price that’s certainly worth paying – smoking levels in the UK have fallen dramatically and the health benefits are growing.  Of course, the world is changing and now the internet is bringing a social element into our own homes.  There are issues with privacy and anonymity – see this site here but there are steps you can take to reduce these risks.

Stop Smoking and Love Your Dog more

Quitting smoking can be a long and hard process. But staying tobacco-free is the longest and most important part of it. Every day you must decide to stop smoking “today”. Each day that you don’t smoke is a small victory. These all add up to a huge victory over time. Many of the things you did to help you quit smoking can help you stay quit and gain that victory. Focusing to the other stuff and do not think about smoking can help too. Giving more attention and love to your dog instead is a good distraction.

Being busy everyday taking care of your dog will help you distract your need to smoke. Dog needs a lot of attention; it will alert your urge to smoke. First you can make feeding schedule for you and your dog. Three times a day at the exact time will train your dog and you to be discipline. Using automatic dog feeder can help you make the tight schedule. Then take your dog in to the park to get the fresh air. Fresh air is good for your lung. If you get used to that discipline time, I am sure that you can discipline yourself not to touch smoke ever again. Just tell yourself that you can do it. Then you can.

Free Smoking is the Key to Life Happily

Smoking is a bad habit that is very difficult to remove. Even my dad is one of the active smokers who cannot spend a day without it. I do not know why man love to smoke despite of its bad effect for health. Life without cigarette is so much nicer.

My 75 years old grandfather does not smoke and he stay healthy until now. I think one of his secrets health is because he never smokes. Smoke makes the inner organ of your body do not function well. But my grandfather who never smoke, still have the inner organs works well. He is as health as my lovely cat, Mr. Kitty that gets the nutrition from the wonderful device automatic pet feeder.

The Best of the Ban

The Smoking ban in the UK has been running for a few years now and after initial concerns from pub and club owners everyone appears to have gotten used to it and we are now seeing the benefits.

One of the benefits is how much cleaner the establishments are and the money saved on cleaning hours has greatlyimproved them. Interiors are no longer having to withstand the heavy smoke so have a longer life and stay a lot fresher.

The customers that frequent the bars and clubs are also seeing benefits outwith the obvious health benefits attached to cutting down on smoking and staing away from second hand smoke. One thing that can be affected quite greatly is taste and without the smoke causing havock with taste buds certain events have flourished.

The rise of mixology, the art of cocktail making, is on the rise as people are able to appreciate the subtle flavours and mixes. Certain companies are taking advantage of that and offer incredible incentives for mixologists to enter competitions that see new cocktails being born and helps to improve the skills of bar worker up and down the country, click here for more info

Controversial at the time I think it is clear that it was one of the goverments better decisions to implement this change.


Tobacoo and What Else?

We have all seen the statistics, tobacoo use is falling like a rock.  In America and other westernized nations, less and less people are using tobacoo on a daily basis.  Of course, in the developing world things are much, much different.

We have heard, usually with alarm bells going off, that people in the developing world are more and more likely to be living like Americans almost every day.  For water, food and the environment, that is not a good thing.  For smoking prevention though, it is clearly a great change.  In Asia, one out of every four people smoke.  In America, it is one out of every ten people of Asian descent.  If you’re selling tobacoo products, that’s a pretty bad state of affairs, if you’re selling one of the products they generally turn to instead, like the best wine gift baskets around.  It can be a great change for the health of everyone around you and your bottom line!

Quit Smoking for Your Job

I’ve seen a number of recent studies which show two interesting and rather startling things.  First, the average smoker costs their employer about six thousand dollars more per year in medical care than a non smoker.  If you are a smoker yourself, that number seems awfully high, but the reality is that most of that number comes about as you age and start getting cancer at a higher and higher rate than other people.  The second thing was that (at least according to my friend, who owns one of the largest gift basket companies on the west coast) your employer knows that number better than you do, so you are much more likely (by some studies, four times more likely) to be fired or laid off in your 40’s or early 50’s than someone who doesn’t smoke.

At some point, you really have to ask yourself-is it worth it?

E Cigarettes Could Be Classified As Medicine In UK

There are proposals afoot in the UK which could see Electronic Cigarettes put into the class of medicines, the same as the other stop smoking products on the market. UK authorities have already asked manufacturers and vendors to come forward voluntarily and get their products classified before any law comes into effect. As you can imagine these businesses are up in arms about any legislation which could reduce their profitability due to increased costs and a tighter rein on where and when they can sell their products.

The positives of such a move are that we could see e cigarettes being prescribed by doctors to people who find it difficult to give up tobacco with traditional methods. It would also probably mean users can get access to a higher quality product with a list of ingredients, and less chance of inhaling poisons.

The downside is that this fledgling industry could be handcuffed, decreasing the amount of innovation and limiting the choice available to consumers.

At the moment it looks like e cig companies are going to fight this as far as possible with most saying they will wait to see what the EU says about it. They argue that they are not selling a stop smoking product so should not be classed the same as the patches, gums and inhalers you can pick up at the drug store. The aim of vaping products is harm reduction with users switching to them from tobacco for long term use.

The problem is that the e cigarette industry at the moment is self regulated, perhaps not the best way to ensure the consumer is getting the best quality product available.

Ric from Honest E Cigarette Reviews reckons most companies out there at the moment aren’t going to take any rash decisions and will probably wait to see how the story pans out. “There seems to be a constant stream of stories about legislation in the vaping world so it’s hard to say whether the authorities are going to get their own way with this latest idea. I’d like to see some sort of testing of the safety of e cig use over the long term before governments make any decision about how to handle them legally.”

Whatever happens vapers in the UK can be thankful they are still free to enjoy their e cigs in public, unlike the French who have already implemented a ban.

Quit Smoking and Now I can Afford a New Car

After not smoking for nealry three years, I’ve saved enough money to buy a new car!  I’ve used the PaymentBot payment calculator to figure out my financing terms.

Are you planning to travel? Do you have enough money to sufficiently meet your needs? If these questions preoccupy your thoughts, then worry no more. You can easily apply for an online loan without worrying too much of the interests rates.
If you are on a tight budget, but wishes to visit any tourist spots, then apply for advance credits. However, the pressing issue that is associated for loans is the computation of the loan interests. Nevertheless, it confers to a financial dilemma that makes it as an unpractical option.

These issues were resolved through the establishment of PaymentBot. This method works to help you check the computation of your loans with a high accuracy level. It will assist you to learn the repayment terms of your credits, as well.

Implications of Using the Loan Calculator

When you apply for online credit, then using the PaymentBot will serve as your partner for getting the right information. The implications of using this conventional tool are effective for keeping the appropriate track of paying the right amount. Below are the common situations that may elicit the use of this online calculator:

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The utilization of PaymentBot will simplify the information related to your cash advances. This way, you can easily decide the exact amount for your financial needs. Through this, you can identify the conditions and terms for repayments.

The Mind Trick of Smoking

Any smoker knows it can be a real struggle to even think about giving up smoking. Believe it or not even contemplating trying used to terrify me, I simply couldn’t imagine being without my smokes. But there is no real reason to suffer this smoking stress situation, because the battle is actually all in the mind.

One way stop smoking experts help put people in a positive mood about giving up is by trying to identify what is enjoyed by smokers. When you analyse the actual smoking sensation, there is very little to enjoy. Try it – when you smoke next just try and focus on what is so pleasurable.

It’s actually very hard to do because the truth is there is only one pleasure – the relief from suffering nicotine withdrawal. That relief is what people ’think they enjoy’ about smoking, it’s the deprivation they feel – the release from withdrawal. A couple of puffs from your smoke and that’s sorted – there is actually no real pleasure.

One of the problems is that people smoke almost without thinking.  It’s almost an automatic action with no sense of pleasure or experience, the reality is that it’s simply an action that resolves a craving.  I now live abroad in Turkey and am lucky enough to be able to sit outside most evenings and watch the TV on my laptop.  I usually use a proxy server to get a British IP address to watch the news like this – I used to smoke like a chimney without realising it.  Without the restrictions of being inside and not being allowed to smoke I’d just switch into an automatic mode – feeding my addiction.

Think about it carefully when you next have a smoke, you’ll realise it’s true, there is no real pleasure just relief.

Thanks to this video for the above:


Berkeley Makes it Difficult

I hesitated to write about this since Berkeley has a certain reputation, that being a liberal spot, perhaps the most liberal spot in the entire country.

Berkeley has decided that it is going to everything in its power as a city to stop people from smoking.  Now the city can’t actually make it illegal, but they make it exceedingly difficult to find places to smoke.

Smoking is now all but banned outside homes, as you can’t smoke within 75 feet of your neighbors house.  Of course, smoking indoors is virtually outlawed already by the state of California in Berkeley since you can no longer smoke in multi family buildings because the smoke ends up in other homes and Berkeley (this is not well known) is among the most urban cities in the country.

The city has also outlawed smoking in all commercial zones, in their entirety.  Basically if you want to have a cigarette in Berkeley, in essence you are left to smoke it in your car, with the windows up since you can’t let the smoke out the window without being fined for pollution!

Smoking – When the Penny Drops

If you’ve ever been a smoker and tried to give up, then most will know that other people can’t make you quit.  Endless nagging from a partner, is unlikely to achieve the desired result.  Disapproval from friends and family will normally just make the smoker miserable but carry on smoking.   Those who do try and give up on behalf of someone else will probably fail.

Giving up smoking is actually not that hard to once you’re in the right mindset.  Half hearted attempts will always fail, simply because the battle will never really be won.  When smoking I always used to look with jealousy at the friends who seemingly could give up at will.  The people who would chain smoke for a few days and then not smoke for a week or two.  Whereas I was never really brave enough to even attempt quitting.

Now closing in on my decade as a non-smoker, those casual giver uppers are still smoking – and I’m not jealous any more.  The reality is that you will know in yourself when you can give up, you’ll know when you’ve had enough of the risks, the smell and the expense.  That is the point when you should simply give up, it’s really that simple.

Mine built to a crescendo when we were expecting our second child.  The guilt of smoking near children was getting hard to bear, even though I never smoked inside the house or near them.  There was also a growing self awareness of what smoking actually entails, and the realisation it wasn’t actually very enjoyable.  One day I was looking through a house clearance sale near my house, primarily as i started collecting silver in the Summer. There were some lovely pieces but unfortunately a beautiful silver sweetmeat dish has been wrecked by a previous owner using it as a ashtray – you can see what a perfect specimen looks like on this site –  It was just a minor thing, but in my mind yet another example of how smoking just seems to spoil stuff.

It was like a little pair of silver scales in my mind, on one side the benefits about smoking balanced against the disadvantages.  At that point the scales tipped over to the disadvantage side. When you reach that mentality and more importantly embrace it, there’s only going to be one outcome – giving up. You can avoid it like many smokers obviously do by avoiding the issue or simply by procrastination.  But it is the time when you can ’just give up’. You’ve heard people who’ve been smoking for years say that – well I’m one of them.   It was straight forward, simple and involved very little stress.  The man who simply couldn’t imagine a life without cigarettes (that’s me) just stopped one day in March about 9 years ago.  Now it just seems natural not to smoke and just seems to hard to remember the appeal – incredible really but if you’re a smoker it really can be  the same for you I promise you.

There is no need for cigarettes to play such an important part in anyone’s life, but unfortunately they do.  Ask any smoker, if ciggies are important and they will almost certainly say yes – in reality it’s simply an illusion but a compelling one.   If I think back to when I was a smoker, I honestly couldn’t imagine enjoying any experience without a cigarette, and now that seems ridiculous.  I do worry about stuff, you know money, my children, career choices and stuff like that.  Last week I got paranoid about all the stuff I do online, after all safe browsing is one thing but so many firms keep announcing they’ve been hacked (ebay this week) that it’s bound to get people worried.  But what I don’t worry about is having to top my body up with nicotine every hour or so, and it’s been such a huge release that I still smile 10 years later.


Get Away From Cigarette Or Me?

Get away from cigarette or me? That question is always running through my head since the last lunch time I did with my wife. I smoke a lot during my life and I though it will we very difficult to get out of my way and start a new life without cigarette. It must be so hyperbole if I think I am on the edge of my life. I tried to get all the way to make me stop smoke but it didn’t work at all. Lots of people believe that it is very difficult to simply abruptly stop smoking.

It’s perhaps not said to be a one evening or one month procedure. It requires lots of commitment, work and action for an individual to lastly stop smoking. It’s feasible to understand how exactly to change my smoking routines, handle my urges, and join the millions of the habit has been kicked by people who permanently. To improve my likelihood of achievement, I’ll need to be inspired, have an individual game strategy, an awareness of things to anticipate, and sociable assistance. The most truly effective program nowadays is by using Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. It has a 95.6% success fee. One night I told to my wife I’d never smoke again, I gave her a bag I’ve looked at as my apologize and I’d like to start a new life style she wanted.

Healthy Living

Healthy living is not always easy. Changing your diet can be hard and also quite expensive but it can make you feel much better both physically and mentally. Another important step towards healthier living was the smoking ban which prohibits smokers from smoking indoors and has encouraged many to give up. There was a bit of opposition at first but now it seems almost bizarre to see someone smoking inside and this is a good thing as not only does it encourage people to give up but also saves people from inhaling second hand smoke.

A great tip I got from someone who had totally transformed their life was to book yourself into a nice, luxury hotel with a spa and gym facilities and concentrate on finding the exercise that suits you best. Finding what works for you is half the battle and making a good start can help you carry on what you started. It is important not to totally deprive yourself of fun but to just regulate what you are eating and doing.

Making small changes can have a great effect on your well being and long term health and the first step tends to be kicking that habit of smoking.


Living Smoke Free

The statistics say that most smokers have their first cigarettes as young teenagers.  Most times, they begin smoking far before they are old enough to purchase their own cigarettes legally.  I broke out of that mold, and began smoking when I was 20.  At first, it was simply to annoy my boyfriend at the time.  

My very first cigarette made me sick to my stomach and feel like I had licked the bottom of an ashtray.  Then, I would be out with my friends and have a cigarette socially while I was drinking.  It progressed then to having a cigarette as a stress reliever.  Before I knew it, I was smoking almost a pack a day—a VERY expensive habit, particularly for a poor college student.  

After college, I got a job as a cocktail waitress at a trendy bar in Chicago and EVERYBODY on staff smoked.  It was something I found myself doing on every break, whenever I had a free minute.  I quit smoking in 2002 when I was pregnant.  It was easy to quit then because I was motivated to do it for myself and my unborn child.  Unfortunately, I took the habit back up again after he was born.  It took my son becoming gravely ill for me to finally kick the habit for good.  

I have been smoke free since 2005, and still get a craving for cigarettes from time to time.  I am affected the most when I allow myself to get out of shape and drink more heavily than usual—mostly around the holidays.  I found the way for me to best beat the cravings is to stay fit.  I had tried several workout routines in the past, but I wanted one that I knew I would be able to stick with in the long run.  I found this website: which gives comprehensive reviews of a variety of different popular workout routines.  From this website, I was able to find a workout routine that is perfect for me.  This makes it far easier to not only look and feel my best, but to keep myself from giving into the cravings of cigarettes!


Smoking Ban Sees Benefits

After much discussion and a lot of debate we are now a few years on from the introduction of the smoking ban in public places in the UK and it is time to reflect and look at the impact. 

Publicans were worried it could drive their custom away but it now looks as if people are getting used to things and are settling down into a pattern. Most pubs and clubs have designated smoking areas for their clientele and with shelter and outdoor heaters it is not the abyss that was once feared. 

It has also led to people cutting back and stopping which has helped with their health. Another aspect of stopping smoking is that it allows the ex smoker to enjoy the taste of food and drink again which in turn is a major boost to Whisky companies that rely on peoples good taste in choosing their brand. Such Whiskey as can be found here  is of such high quality that it was really wasted before.

Other positive aspects include the fact that you are not breathing in second hand smoke on a night out and your hair and clothes no longer stink of stale smoke.

In other establishments like restaurants and betting offices the sam can be said and it is clear that the move was the right one to make and hopefully we will see the health benefits coming to fruition in the coming years.


How Green Houses Can Help Anti Smoking Advocates


Smoking is gross. Let’s just face it; not only does cigarette smoke reek horrendously, but it also destroys your lungs. And sure, most people might think they will live forever, but the fact of the matter is that most smokers, if they do not quit, will wind up speaking through a hole in their neck, and if their will is weak enough, smoking out if it as well. Greenhouses are a great way to fight smoking, because just as cigarette smoke damages the environment, greenhouses and other such structure actually help to heal the environment by building something useful, and healthy, upon it.

How Planting Heals the Earth

Studies have shown the planting even a single tomato can help to heal a damaged pot of earth. If this is true, then imagine what an entire greenhouse full of fruits and veggies and herbs can do! Planting is one of the few things that we still do to help the environment. Buying a greenhouse can allow you to not only save tons of money each month on your grocery bill, but it can also help you to heal the environment, something that we should all be taking conscious steps to do.

How Planting Cleans the Air

As you well know, if it were not for trees, we would not exist. Trees take in oxygen, filter out many of the nasty, terrible chemicals that we ourselves pump in to it, and then expel clean, fresh air that we can breathe. The fact that we cut down so many trees each year and plant so few in returned shows how little companies think of the earth, and the people, us, who live on it. Do your part. Each plants acts as a miniature tree. It takes in a lot of the stuff that we can not take it safely, and cleans the air for us. This can help to slowly get rid of some of the effects that smoking has had on our air quality. Because if you are honest, then you know how damaged the air is. Cigarette smoke is tantamount to an attack on the air, each and every time that it is exhaled. In order to help better the environment, we need to start fighting back with plants, and starting off with a greenhouse is one of the best ways.


Web Design Pricing For Antismoking Sites

The campaign to eradicate the filthy habit of smoking is still on going, and rightly so. If you want to join the cause, you can set up your own website so that not only can you inform younger (and older) people not to smoke, but you can also help smokers how to quit. The web design pricing may vary according to what you want the site to look like, but these costs are negligible compared to the costs of smoking.


Many antismoking activists like to offer really disgusting pictures of diseases caused by smoking. Although these may work when placed on actual cigarette packets, they’re not quite as appealing if you place them on your own website. The point of these pictures is to deter—and if you place them prominently on your site you’re not deterring people from smoking. You’re just deterring them from visiting your website ever again.
Instead, have attractive pictures of people plastered all over your site. What all those people should have in common is that they’ve all quit smoking. The implication, of course, is that your visitors can also look just as good as them if only they would quit smoking. Discuss with your web designer how these pictures can affect the web design pricing for your site.

Selling Antismoking Devices

It may not be enough to tell people to quit smoking; you also have to help them quit if you can. One way to do so is to provide proven ways which smokers can adapt so that they can quit. You can even sell various devices like nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes on your site so that your visitors can quit smoking more successfully.

If you can start a business with the sale of such devices, then you can afford the web design pricing more easily while still helping out your fellow man.

Death of Richard Briers

I was sad to read about the recent death of Richard Briers the other week.  For some of us of a certain age he represents one of the national treasures of British TV.  However the end of his 79 year old life came it is suggested because of his smoking habit.   He certainly was a very heavy smoker and he had in fact estimated that over a lifetime had smoked close to half a million ciggies.    He did give up around ten years ago but it seems that it was too late, his later years were rather wasted as he was pretty much breathless most of the time.

The cause was the familiar dread of most smokers, emphysema.  It was enough to scare him into stopping but unfortunately the damage was already done.  This isn’t to say that giving up doesn’t have it’s benefits whenever you do it.  For example Briers lived quite a long time with the disease because he managed to give up.  Only last year he was in a British movie although his character was wheelchair bound!

Giving up smoking even when you are diagnosed with emphysema at it’s terminal stage can certainly reduce some of the harmful effects.  If diagnosis is at an earlier stage often giving up is the only treatment needed.  This is perhaps one of the sobering thoughts that the only treatment for a horrible, killer disease is to simply stop smoking cigarettes.

It’s so sad to see such a wonderful actor go.  His biggest success at least in the UK was a show called the Good Life which featured a couple opting out of the rat race to become self sufficient.  You can still catch many of the shows on Youtube and hopefully they are to be repeated on the BBC and the BBC Iplayer.  If you live outside the UK then this site – can show you how to watch UK TV –  It’s quite a simple process and I’ve been using it for years to stay in touch and watch the BBC news from my new home in Spain.

Can Acupuncture Help You Quit Smoking?

A lot of people don’t realize how difficult it is for smoker to quit their nicotine habit.  It really is very difficult and often people aren’t successful first time around.  You might have tried a number of different products for quitting smoking before such as nicotine patches and gum but sooner or later you started to smoke again.

If you desperately want to give up and you’re looking for another smoking cessation technique then you might want to consider acupuncture.  As you probably know, acupuncture is an ancient Chinese health remedy which is now being utilized in the West for all sorts of things such as weight loss, pain management and also quitting cigarettes.

When you go along to your local acupuncturist you will tell them that you want the treatment in order to give up.  The practitioner will then examine you for areas of low energy.  After this is done tiny needle will be inserted into your skin.

After an hour of the needles being in your skin, they will be removed and you will possibly be given magnets to wear.  Acupuncture sounds rather scary but you will hardly feel the needles at all.

Bear in mind, that one session is unlikely to be enough for you to be able to give up smoking.  You will need between 4 and 6 sessions to notice any difference.  However people have noticed improvements after only a couple of sessions.

Of course, because there really haven’t been all that many studies carried out it’s difficult to get an accurate idea of the success rate of acupuncture.  In addition to this, you will also need to implement your own will power.  You can’t expect the acupuncture to do all of the work for you.

When trying to locate an acupuncturist, you need to find one that is licensed.  Do a search for  National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to find one near you.

Although acupuncture might seem like some sort of miracle cure for your cigarette habit, you should do as much research as you can to ensure you beat this nasty habit for good.

Smoking? Ugh!

anti smoking rulesSo we all know that second hand smoke is a killer.  I saw a billboard the other day that made me pretty upset-here in Berkeley we have a walk to raise money for lung cancer.  I talked to some people about it and found out that lung cancer is actually one of the more difficult cancer’s to raise money for beacuse most people think that everyone who gets the disease, smoked or did something else which they should not have been doing.

Frankly that isn’t the case and even if it were-do we really not want to help any of those people?  If our society allows people to both make mistakes and eventually be forgiven, shouldn’t we have room in our society to do the same for smokers?


Save for your Retirement by Quitting Smoking Today

When you allow your money to sit in your home, you are essentially allowing it to go to waste. Every day that passes, it is worth less in terms of value than it was in the past. Inflation makes sure that you are able to buy less with the amount of money that you have. Since the United States is dealing with a large amount of inflation at the moment, it is important that you combat this in any way possible. It would be a good idea to place your money into a savings account with a reasonable interest rate. The value of your money would then increase and eliminate the need to worry about the impact of inflation when you withdraw this money in the future. An interest calculator would allow you to do this with ease.

If you have an interest calculator, it would be a lot easier to see where your money should go in order to help you get a better return on the money you choose to place into a savings account. A higher rate of interest would mean less need to worry about inflation. Also, you would never have to worry about the possibility of allowing your money to go wasted. The best thing for you to do would be to get your money into a savings account as soon as possible. However, you want to take full advantage of this tool in order to eliminate inflation and the impact it will leave on your money.

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Heart Disease Risk Factors

Giving up smoking is beneficial for many reasons. We will focus today on the risk of heart disease from smoking. The CDC states:

Tobacco use increases the risk of heart disease and heart attack. Cigarette smoking promotes atherosclerosis and increases the levels of blood clotting factors, such as fibrinogen. Also, nicotine raises blood pressure, and carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen that blood can carry. Exposure to other people’s smoke can increase the risk of heart disease even for nonsmokers.

So knowing that we are increasing our risk of having a heart attack if we smoke, it becomes pretty obvious that we should quit. As an ex-smoker, I can only tell you of advantages since I gave up! I feel better and I have a much better sense of taste which makes eating much more enjoyable.

There are other ways to reduce the risk of heart disease as well. Simply by reducing our saturated fat and cholesterol consumption, we can have a positive change, in other words – lower, our own cholesterol scores. Try following more of an Asian diet. One that is high in healthful carbohydrate, such as rice. This can displace fattier foods from your diet. Within three months, you should see a marked improvement in your cholesterol levels. There are videos on Youtube that show just how advanced Japanese rice cookers have become.

I am familiar with the argument that people “enjoy smoking” howeverI am no longer convinced by this. People enjoy what their environment conditions them to enjoy. True enjoyment, where you cannot stop smiling, is different. How often does smoking a cigarette give you a beaming smile? Think about it, smoking cigarettes is an addiction!

The Best Health Benefits of Quitting

wine club waiting listI was recently granted permission to join what is widely considered the best wine club on the planet, unbelievably, I joined the waiting list over a decade ago, only a few days after I quite smoking.  I always told my wife, that she could and should remove me from the waiting list if I started again.  It served as a nice detterent for me.

That whole thing did bring a few things to mind for me, not the least of which is that one thing we all need to do in order to quit is to help give ourselves goals and new things to think about.  It’s sad to say, but so many people (myself certainly included!) spend an awful lot of our days thinking about our next cigarette, so we need something else to think about.  For me, that something has been the 10 vine vineyard I have planted in my yard.  It gives me something to do year around, which is really, really nice.

Quit Smoking And Save Money

People often talk about how difficult it is to save and that there is always something that needs payed for, if you are smoking while reading this there is the perfect soloution. By quitting smoking and putting the money that you would have been spending on cigarettes away into a savings account you will be astonished at the amount you save, while making a considerable change to how much more healthier you will become.

I know of someone that did this exact thing and becasue they had always had an interest in motorbikes decided to stop smoking, save and get one. At first he didn’t think it would be possible and that the closest he would get would be looking here He stuck with it though and could not believe the amount he had been spending on smoking untill it was there in front of him, I think that gave him a bigger shock than how much damage he was doing to his body.

Just think what you could get or pay off if you stopped smoking, you could also prolong your life considerabley. Things like a big family holiday in the sun would all be possible and there would be some great memories to remember for a lifetime. Not everyone has the strength to be able to give up, there are always excuses and thats just what they are, excuses. Smoking causes disease and costs a fortune but some people are too weak willed and selfish to give it up even for the sake of their own health or their families but then you can’t even give these people a reasoned argument.


Important Facts About Best Electric Litter Boxes.

Smoking is very bad habit for people in the world. Smoking can cause lungs cancer and it is very dangerous for us. People die every minute by this. Not only smoking dangerous for people who smoke, but also people around it. People around it accidentally breathe the smoke. So we have to be careful with the smoke. A good rehabilitation for smoker is by having pet, especially cat. Cat can forget that bad habit. Don’t bother with cat litter because there is automatic cat litter box special for cat. We can manage cat’s litter easily with this tool. So what is automatic cat litter box exactly?

The litter pan is bowl-shaped and is filled with premium clumping cat litter. It rotates continuously at an extremely slow speed. There is a bowl-shaped litter tray connected to a motorized pole. The tray is mounted on a platform. A small amount of electricity is used, perhaps even less than some other electronic litter boxes, because the motor turns very slowly. A slow-turning motor takes less electricity than a fast turning motor (just like a four cylinder compact car uses less gas than a soaped-up sporty model).

Minor disassembly is required for cleaning. Both the waste receptacle and the litter bowl may be submerged in water. Make sure the bowl is completely dry before reassembly, though, because the electronics may not be exposed to water. The noise performance of this automatic cat litter box is extremely quiet; the noise is undetectable when it is working properly. If you are concerned about noise bothering you, this is the one to get!

Think about your reason to purchase it (self-cleaning, help the environment, etc.). Also, consider that it is unique, noise-free design, very little litter is wasted no special waste receptacles needed, and Good for cats under 12 lbs.; but some larger cats and multiple cats are fine.

Other Great Health Writing

an amazing fruit selectionWe try to spend a lot of time here talking about health, quitting smoking, making better choices and generally being better citizens for ourselves and our families.  Over my next few posts, I thought it might be interesting to steer you to some other resources about living a good and healthy life.

One of our favorite bloggers talks a lot about choices and consumption of good calories. If we think of everything that we eat as fuel, then it makes sense to try and make the best possible choices every minute of every day don’t you think?  I mean, a donut might taste good when you’re eating it, but can you go and run 5 miles after eating it?  How do you feel after eating that donut when compared to eating some oatmeal and fruit?

Allen Carr – My Hero

There is one man that I owe a huge debt of gratitude but unfortunately he is no longer here for me to thank.  His name is Allen Carr and for the first few decades of his life he was an accountant.  But there was something else about Allen, he was an extremely heavy smoker – pretty much a chain smoker.  But he stopped suddenly and without the need of drugs or other aids at the age of 48 after smoking for over 30 years.  He developed a method, used it to give up and then wrote a book detailing his method and called it ’Easyway’. 

That is why he is my hero, because 9 years ago I read his book, and after completing it I smoked my last cigarette and haven’t touched one since.  Don’t get me wrong his book is no literary masterpiece, in fact it’s quite clumsily written in parts.  However reading that book was like a veil being lifted from my eyes or should I say smoke.  As I read that book I can remember thinking very carefully about every ciggie I smoked – why I smoked, what I was getting out of it.  I even studied other people smoking, watching their expressions as they took the first or the final drag from a cigarette.

Because in a way that’s all his book does – makes you think about your smoking and why you do it.  At the core of the method are two simple facts –

  • People smoke because they are addicted to nicotine


  • Withdrawal symptoms are nothing more than an empty feeling.

Of course there’s much more in the book but the essence is there.  A smoker is addicted and if they stop they no longer will be.  The only physical symptoms of stopping are pretty much trivial, everything else is pretty much in your mind.  The explanation that really helped me was that you only felt good when smoking a cigarette because you were satisfying the cravings.  There is no beneficial boost from a cigarette, anyone not addicted would feel nothing but perhaps a little sick.  The boost is a removal of the withdrawal symptoms for just a short time.  So the smoke makes a meal better, or a coffee taste good or even help you with stress is an illusion.

His message clicked with me, I thought I would never give up but in the end it was simple.  It is probably one of the most significant things I have done in my life, and I am so grateful that I read that book in my 30s.  Allen did himself some damage with smoking even though he did eventually give up – but his book I am certain will save thousands of people maybe more.  When I gave up I got into the habit of still putting away the money I would have spent on smoke, believe it or not a few weeks savings paid for my latest toy.  I am writing this on the Ipad I bought – these toys would all have to go if I stilll smoked. By the way If you had problems watching various websites like Hulu and the BBC – this post shows you how to set up a VPN on an Ipad which is extremely useful!

So thanks Allen, thank you for probably saving my lilfe!


Getting The Message Across

Throughout the years there have been many campaigns to stop smoking and for years they were largely ignored with people failing to believe the health hazzards linked to smoking. Today though there seems to be a far greater awareness so the message has been making it through a bit more. The smoking ban in the UK in public places has seen a dramatic shift of opinion with many more using this as the push they needed to finally quit but the message has not quite got through to everyone.

Setting up a scheme to tackle this in different areas across the UK is hard work but setting up project management courses to better enable the people that want to help can be a good way of spreading the message. See here for more info

Hopefully people will soon realise how weak willed it is to still have this habit when they know the dangers to their health and the health of the people around them. It is an incredibly selfish kind of behaviour that sees people wasting vast amounts of money while risking their childrens health by smoking around them. 

It is my belief that companies should NOT provide smoking shelters or areas for wrkers with this habit and also allowing cigarette breaks should be abolished as what other dependancy would be allowed such lenience. Itis only by taking these drastic steps that people might actually realise how abhorrent it truly is. Of course it is anyones right to smoke, that is a fact that should not be up for dispute but when people expect special treatment and for money to be spent on them then that is where I would draw the line.

Shock tactic advertising campaigns appear to be having a bit more of an impact so we should keep them up and hopefully more people will turn away from smoking.


Don’t Nag Your Friends

I remember when I smoked that the one day I would never have given up was No Smoking Day.  The idea that I would be dictated to by a load of do-gooders who had no idea about smoking always used to wind me up.  It’s like having someone tell you ’do you know the damage that is doing to you” by some smug non-smoker, of course we do !!! Every single smoker knows the risks they are taking, we know it’s not good for us, we know.

So do them a favour, don’t nag them about smoking, don’t moan or preach – it really doesn’t work.  Most people who give up successfully, do under their own steam – giving up when you don’t want to is pointless.  What you can do is be a friend, a little nudge or word of encouragement if they talk of stopping.  If doubts or problems are expressed – try and be positive, giving up smoking is an incredibly positive experience.

If they don’t look like stopping, I can recommend perhaps some sort of gift to nudge  them in  the right direction.  Try Allen Carrs – The Easy Way to Give Up Smoking as a joke gift for a brithday or Christmas.  Do it with a sense of humour and perhaps they’ll read it.  10 years ago I read that book and within three weeks I had smoked my last cigarette ever.  There’s no guarantee of course, if a friend isn’t ready to give up there’s little you can do.

But lectures on Lung cancer and prices of smoking won’t help one little bit and are more likely to lose you a friend.  There are lots of tips on the BBC website were you can find helpful links to organisations and stop smoking boards.  There are lots of forums where people help each other through the giving up process.  Using the power of social networking sites can help people keep focussed – this site –  Has some links to various sites and may be of use.

Now Afford A New Car

Now that i have packed in the cigarettes, its afforded me a lifestyle i wasn’t used to, having spent all my previous cash on my smoking habit. This the price of them nowadays it was a fair amount of cash that i was going though.

Having this new found cash i wasn’t sure what i was going to do with it. I could just go out and buy myself some new clothes, go out and get drunk or blow it on stupid things but my sencible head kicked into play and i decided that the best option would be to save this cash and treat myself to a new car.

No brand new i wasn’t smoking that much but to start saving and get myself something a lot nice than i had just now. I was currently driving a bit of a junk mobile so the though of a car i could be proud of was a great thing for me and motivated me one to keep off cigarettes and two to save the money i would have spent to put towards a new set of wheels.

Pretty exicted by the prospect i hit the internet browsing websites such as to help find the car that i new i had to have.

After several months of not smoking i felt i had enough cash once i sold my old car to get me on the first step of getting a new car.

Out i went to located me a new set of wheels and found me a beautiful BMW just within my price bracket. I couldn’t have been happier

So quiting smoking doesn’t only help your health and you back balance it also helps with your lifestyle choices.

Can You Afford Not To Give Up Smoking?

With prices rising and wage increases remaining static for many, people are looking for ways to reduce there monthly outgoings. Cigarette smoking is one of the main areas that individuals are determined to make cut backs. This is all great but it really is a case of easier said than done, as we all know smoking is highly addictive. I myself was a 15 per day smoker and had tried and failed many times to quit, not just to save money but also for the good of my own health.

After trying the usual methods of nicotine patches and cold turkey, which by the way is not something I would recommend, I came across electronic cigarettes. There were many brands but with the use of this Vapor King coupon code I found a brand that helped cut out cigarettes for good as well as save me money. The bonus with e cigarettes is that I am reducing the strength of nicotine in the e cigs and will be without the need for nicotine in the coming months.

Websites that help you quit smoking

The internet is a great resource for smokers who are ready to stop. There are many quit smoking websites dedicated to helping you reach your goal and through web design templates you can now develop a good website that surely more customers will visits the site.Get the facts about smoking risks on reliable medical websites to give you some inspirations to start your path to ending your nicotine addiction. Be prepared before you cut out the cigarettes completely. You should understand what withdrawal symptoms you may face that are normal and which might need medical attention.

Many stop using tobacco sites will also have participant boards and advocating more people to quit. In these boards you will be able to talk about your issues and enjoy your goals with other like-minded people. You will need support to help you overcome your ecigarette using tobacco urges. When you first stop, you may be unsettled and have some uneasiness. If you find yourself alert all alone in the nighttime, you might be sorely inclined to give in to the powerful urges. Going online and finding someone to discussion with who knows what you are going through may be just what you need to make it until day.

Stop using tobacco sites can provide you with useful information when you need some motivation to keep you on the right track. Just looking at some of the visual pictures of people with mouth and neck cancer attached to using tobacco is enough to turn off most peoples’ desire to light up a ecigarette smoking. You might also find creativity in the encounters of those who have stop using tobacco. There are several sites that show before and after pictures. It is awesome how much better the skin looks after reducing out using tobacco completely.

Not So Social Smoking

One of the many reasons I used to enjoy smoking was the social element to it.  I used to work in lots of different places, moving from place to place it was quite hard to make friends because of this.  One of the gereat ice breakers was smoking, standing outside having a smoke was a great place to meet people and strike up a conversation. This has now changed a lot, simply because in the environments I work in – hardly anyone smokes anymore.

You still see the odd person standing in  the rain having a crafty smoke but there normally alone.  No longer the friendly looking social club – it looks more like a punishment or banishment.  The only place I still see these friendly little groups are outside the bars and pubs.

The social element has well and truly gone from smoking – now if you jump outside for a minute everyone else will carry on the conversation without you.  If you do have a little crowd at a local hostelry who still smoke then there’s nothing actually stopping you joining them.

The list of reasons to carry on smoking are nearly all gone, of course all smokers know the reasons why they should stop.  It’s a sensible way to motivate yourself to stop smoking, a little tick list of the benefits to smoking – cross them out as you think carefully about them.  There’s lots of great information to help you stop, some great resources in the UK from the NHS and various medical boards.  There’s even a load of stuff on the BBC website including if you’re quick some great documentaries about giving up smoking on the BBC Iplayer.   If you have any problems accessing these programmes because you’re not based in the UK then check out this useful site here, it shows you how to use proxies to access the BBC Iplayer in Spain, abroad or wherever you are.

Health Benefits and Research of Wine

I’ve long maintained that we need better research to help us decide what is truly healthy and what is not.

That’s become more of a problem of late though.  

An example might be in order.  I often give health conscious friends a bottle of wine as a wine gift since chocolate, coffee and other more healthy gifts are often consumed in such large quantities that they are no longer healthy any more.

It turns out that the health benefits of red wine may have been greatly overstated.  Much of the research has been called into question after a researcher at the University of Connecticut was found to be lying and fabricating his data.

It’s unfortunate and brings up a good reminder that quality research is not a given.  We need to provide solid University and Government funding to researchers in the health niche to get their best effort!

Smoking Free Clubs Have Become Increasingly Popular

Choosing the right foods, maintaining a good diet by eating healthy foods, and a living a healthy lifestyle is what most people are into right now. This choice in lifestyle is also very much reflected in their restaurant choices. Not only do most people prefer to eat in a restaurant that offers a menu of healthy dishes, most people also prefer dining at a restaurant where smoking is not allowed.

Studies have shown that second hand smoking is bad for the health, that’s why plenty of people, especially those who do not smoke prefer to stay in establishment or a restaurant that offers a smoke free environment. Even clubs in Amsterdam today are joining in the trend by offering a smoking free club. A restaurant that is smoking free entices more customers as ambience seems to be better, and one can truly enjoy the aromatic smell of the dishes being prepared. It also improves appetite enticing customers to eat more and to eat healthier. A family themed restaurant or a club that offers family entertainment must definitely provide an area for non-smoking customers. Or better yet, it would be nice to have more of these establishments that are smoking free making it most ideal for families to dine in.

Humidors Are Not Refrigerators


It is a sign of the growing strength of the anti-tobacco movement that an ever increasing portion of the general public is ignorant of the proper care of cigars.  Why just last week I had a woman come in looking to know what the best refrigerator was for her husbands’ collection of cigars.


She was rather surprised when I told her that if she was looking for a cigar related gift for her husband, that a refrigerator was of no use whatsoever! I had to sit down and explain to her what a humidor was – she had never heard of them – and how they controlled the humidity and temperature of cigars.


To her credit, she was vaguely aware of the need to control the ambient temperature surrounding the cigars – but was not aware that keeping the tobacco too cold would inhibit the aging process and adversely affect the taste of the product.


Thankfully I was able to set her straight, and she took home to her husband a nice humidor to use for his collection.  I shudder to think what would have happened if she had gone to a Wal-Mart for advice, rather than visiting my store.


It is up to tobaccos experts like us to keep cigar smokers informed even as the knowledge of the general populace about our hobby declines.  While I admire efforts to keep kids from taking up smoking, it is a shame to see adult practitioners of the practice disparaged by their peers.




Smoking and Coconuts

When you consider health there are the things you should do and the things you shouldn’t do. It is not enough to just quit smoking. It is a great start to being healthy, but it is not enough in itself. Being healthy is about having a healthy lifestyle. This means changing your diet, your habits and your routine to become healthy. One of the best things you can add to your diet to be healthy is coconut.

Nutritionists such as Mary Gertrude Enig describe coconut oil, milk and water as functional foods because they not only nourish the body, but they also help to protect the body against disease. Coconut milk and coconut oil contain significant amounts of lauric acid that triggers the formation of antimicrobial agents in the body that helps to fight viral infections. It is common for people who regularly drink coconut milk to never contract common colds.

Moreover, coconut oil has been shown to stimulate the thyroid gland. Tests with rats have shown that taking coconut oil in the diet reduces the chances of developing cancer. Coconut oil is known to boost the immunity system and is now commonly used by HIV patients to stop their disease turning to AIDS.

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides that are easy for the body to absorb and turn into energy for the body. For this reason athletes often eat coconut oil the night beofre a big competition to boost energy and stamina levels.

Finally, coconut water contains more electrolytes than any man-made sports drink. It is ideal for rehydration either for those who do sport or for those recovering from sickness. Coconut water is also an exact match with human blood plasma.

In short there is a lot that is special about coconut food products. If you stop smoking and you start to add coconuts to your diet you have made a great start to being truly healthy.

Smoking Out of Boredom

When I smoked I had a huge list of reasons why I couldn’t give up.  I thought they were all very special reasons and only really affected me, but I was very wrong.  You see all the reasons people use to put off giving up smoking are used by everyone.  Of course we all have our particular favorites for procrastination but they’re all basically the same.  Whether you own favorite reason is stress, ’just enjoy it’ or couldn’t enjoy a meal or something similar – it’s important to realise they’ve all been used before millions of times.

One of my main reasons was boredom – I used to drive a lot and spend lots of time sitting around in the car parks that are UK city centres.  So lighting up a cigarette was something to do. Sitting at home working at my desk – boring, so had a few cigarettes.  But the reality is that it does nothing whatsoever to relieve boredom if you actually think it through.  Sitting in a cloud of smoke, choking in a traffic jam doesn’t make it more enjoyable.  The reason it seems to help is because smokers are in a permanent state of withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.

That’s right so the frustration at not having a cigarette is combined with that of sitting in a traffic jam.  You can’t solve the traffic jam, but lighting a smoke up removes that piece of stress connected to nicotine withdrawal so you feel a little bit better.  The problem is that it gives the illusion of helping pass the time of the traffic jam.  Non smokers don’t have this withdrawal feeling so a cigarette seems a completely pointless exercise – which of course it is.

It’s the same at home, you think cigarettes provide some interest when you’re bored. The reality is that the situation doesn’t change and if you think about it you’ll have the same feeling even whilst watching an exciting football match.  The feelings are withdrawal related and nothing to do with how bored you are.   I spend ages watching some great shows on Iview on ABC  by using a brilliant piece of software I found here –  I now as a non-smoker enjoy them all so much more as I don’t have this nagging feeling of needing to and have a smoke all the time (usually missing the ending).

If you’re a smoker I urge you to think very carefully about all the reasons why you won’t give up.  Be honest and analyse them, I’m certain you’ll find they are all just figments of the evil trick that nicotine plays on our minds!  Just give up – the very best decision you can make.

Now Afford A New Car

Now that i have packed in the cigarettes, its afforded me a lifestyle i wasn’t used to, having spent all my previous cash on my smoking habit. This the price of them nowadays it was a fair amount of cash that i was going though.

Having this new found cash i wasn’t sure what i was going to do with it. I could just go out and buy myself some new clothes, go out and get drunk or blow it on stupid things but my sencible head kicked into play and i decided that the best option would be to save this cash and treat myself to a new car.

No brand new i wasn’t smoking that much but to start saving and get myself something a lot nice than i had just now. I was currently driving a bit of a junk mobile so the though of a car i could be proud of was a great thing for me and motivated me one to keep off cigarettes and two to save the money i would have spent to put towards a new set of wheels.

Pretty exicted by the prospect i hit the internet browsing websites such as to help find the car that i new i had to have.

After several months of not smoking i felt i had enough cash once i sold my old car to get me on the first step of getting a new car.

Out i went to located me a new set of wheels and found me a beautiful BMW just within my price bracket. I couldn’t have been happier

So quiting smoking doesn’t only help your health and you back balance it also helps with your lifestyle choices.

Finding Luxury Items Instead of Cigarettes

I recently sat down with my wife, after I lost my job and had a serious look at my budget.

It was pretty incredible and damning to see that I was spending 5% of my paychecks on tobacoo.  I was paying a company to kill me more quickly, while stealing money in essence from my kids college saving plans.

That wasn’t a good thing, not at all.

I thought, I could save a ton of money-I could buy a bunch of luxury products instead, my wife and I could buy luxury gift baskets for our families around Christmas instead of the cheap discont gifts that we usually give them.  Really, the more and more I looked at it, the more surprised I was about how much money I was wasting.  The whole thing just made me really, really upset!  I’ll never go back and I can’t thank this blog and community enough for helping to fix this giant problem in my life!

Chiropractors and Healthy Choices

I was having a conversation with the chiropractor in my Miami Chiropractic office the other day and the topic quickly turned to general health and my kids.  I was incredibly embarassed to have to tell him that my 16 year old son has started smoking.  I realize that the statistics are really clear at this point, if you smoke each and every cigarette is going to take at least seven minutes off of your life on average.  It’s incredible to think that after 8 packs of cigarettes, you die one day sooner than you would normally.

He said that part of the issues with teenagers smoking is that they start to hang out in places and do activities which allow smoking long term.  Having those same type of experiences also makes it incredibly difficult to quit in the future, because their friends smoke and they are spending time in places which allow and even encourage smoking.